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Dating with Facebook App Free for Singles – Facebook Dating Availability

If you are looking forward to dating for free using a dating platform, then you need to check out Facebook dating. Why? Because Dating with Facebook App is Free for Singles unlike some other dating app around today. The dating platform has really contributed to the feature aspect of the giant social media platform Facebook. and currently, it is the first-ever dating app on a social media platform, it is free, and it has a lot or more interesting features for all its users.

There are lots of interesting Features on Facebook dating, when it was created, the opinions of people who used the Beta version contributed to some of the features on the platform making it much better. Currently, the dating platform has a lot of users who have found their dates, while others still looking forward to finding their perfect match. If you have used Hinge before, then you should have an idea of how the platform works because they both possess similar features and functions. The difference is Facebook dating has its own interesting key features that I would state for you below.

Dating on Facebook App Free for Singles | Facebook Dating Availability

Well, like I previously stated, Facebook dating is a free app for singles on Facebook. and currently, the app is only available in 20 countries and if you are unfortunately not in any of the countries, you would not be able to make use of the app. The countries include:

  1. Argentina
  2. Bolivia
  3. Brazil
  4. Canada
  5. Chile
  6. Colombia
  7. Ecuador
  8. Guyana
  9. Laos
  10. Malaysia
  11. Mexico
  12. Paraguay
  13. Peru
  14. The Philippines
  15. Singapore
  16. Suriname
  17. Thailand
  18. The United States
  19. Uruguay
  20. Vietnam
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Facebook made the dating platform available in only five countries at first until they decided to expand it to the remaining 15. The United States is the last to receive the dating platform in this list.

Dating on Facebook App Features

If you go through the first part of this article, you should have noticed that Facebook dating has some amazing key features that made it special and different from other dating apps. I would be giving you the key features and other interesting features of the app below. They include:

  • Users can add their Instagram post to their Facebook dating profile
  • The dating platform lets you opt into groups and search for people that have your interest. While you do that, you would be visible to them
  • Soon Facebook and Instagram stories would be added to the app
  • The app has a secret crush feature that lets you match with your Facebook friends who are on dating app
  • The app lets you choose your gender and the gender of people you want to match with. This information is not revealed to anyone.
  • You get to disclose your location on the app via messenger. That is if you want to do that.

These are some of the features of the app. There are more interesting features to discover when you start making use of the app.

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