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Facebook Dating Step by Step Guide 2021 – Features of Facebook Dating – Dating on Facebook App

Facebook dating is one of the latest top introduced features on the platform, and below I would be giving you the 2021 step by step guide on how to go about it, that is if you are up for it. Facebook dating has contributed a lot to dating on the platform.

Before, people dating on Facebook usually make use of groups created basically for dating. But with the introduction of the dating app, you would no longer need to opt into groups. Now, all you need to do is to create a profile and Facebook would do the remaining part for you.

The dating app was accommodated with a lot of top interesting features. As a matter of fact, when it was created, the stat of some famous dating platforms was disturbed telling you a new dating platform is around. Facebook took their time to create a platform that would accommodate top features and now, it is making waves in countries that are making use of it. below, I would give you an interesting step by step Guide on how to make use of Facebook dating and more.

Features of Facebook dating

The dating app has a lot of features. some of the features are similar to that of top interesting dating platforms. Below, I would be stating some of the top features on the platform, they include:

  • It possesses a secret crush feature that allows you to match with people on Facebook.
  • Users get to make use of the add their Instagram post to their dating profile
  • Facebook is looking to adding Instagram and Facebook stories to the platform.
  • The platform allows you to share your location via messenger that is if you want to.
  • The platform matches you up with people on groups that you are in.

Facebook Dating Step by Step Guide 2021

Well, if you are new to Facebook dating and you want some interesting details more on how the platform works, then check out the step by step Guide stated below.

Setting up your Profile

First, you need to locate the app on the Facebook menu. Once you locate the app, open it and then create your profile by following the onscreen procedure. While creating, you would be required to fill in some personal details like your height, religion, job titles, degrees, and more.

Note that you are expected to be 18 and older to make use of the dating platform.

Finding your Match

During the profile creating process, you would be required to choose your Gender and the gender of people that you are interested in. Cis Woman or Cis Man, Trans man or Trans woman and Nonbinary person. This information would not be shared with people of your potential matches.

People would be suggested for you based on your preferences, interests, and activities on Facebook. you would be matched with friends of friends on the dating platform. only your Facebook friend on the platform would be matched with you.

Once you locate the person you match with, enter their profile and the comment on their profile and tap on the like icon and that is it. if you are not interested, you can pass.

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