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Facebook Lol – Facebook LOL Reactions – Facebook Lol Meme Hub – Facebook Lol Game

Have you heard of Facebook LOL before? Are you wondering what Facebook Lol is all about? Facebook’s seemingly never-ending quest to make itself appealing to younger, teenage Smartphone owners has now resulted in an app called Lol.

Lol is a simple piece of software featuring a feed of memes and GIFs categorized by topics like “animals” and “pranks”, and Facebook is currently testing it with 100 high school users with the consent of their parents. Facebook has a long history of trying and failing to cater to teen audiences.

Facebook Lol

Lol once used to be Laugh out loud” or “lots of laughs”, but do possess different meanings in different scenarios. Facebook has spent months building LOL, a special feed of funny videos and GIF-like clips, Facebook confirmed it is privately testing LOL as a home for funny meme content with a very small number of U.S. users

Facebook Lol App

Facebook is trying to woo teenagers by developing a new app that is entirely dedicated to immensely popular internet memes and it’s aptly called LOL. The app is likely to deliver a whole new standalone app altogether, because if it becomes a standalone app Facebook LOL may not matter much to its target users. Only the handful of Facebook-owned apps has a strong presence out there.

Facebook Lol Meme Hub

Facebook LOL meme hub is a special meme feed dedicated to content such as funny videos or GIFs,

How to Live Stream on the Facebook Lol

Just like playing a game of league, epic plays and funny fails made are best shared with friends. And now that you can take your live steaming endeavors to Facebook, it is easy to gather your friends around to catch you in action! Here’s how.

  • Visit Facebook.com/live/create and click create a live stream.
  • Choose where you want your stream posted (such as on your timeline or in a group) and click Next.
  • Copy the stream key and the server URL into your streaming app of choice.
  • Give your stream a name and specify the game you are playing.
  • Click start streaming in your streaming app of choice.
  • Once you see a preview of your stream on Facebook, click GO Live.
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You are now live on Facebook where your friends can watch you take out the competition, you will be able to monitor your chat room right from Facebook and can see a feed of your stream to make sure everything’s working properly.

Facebook Lol Game

Facebook LOL game is a game that deals with almost everything concerning you; it is seen more as a relationship game that can be your next friend. In this game, you are given answers about things relating to you from your Facebook profile and from questions you answer.

There are millions of players engaged in a Facebook Game room playing this game on Facebook so you can use this game for your leisure. It will get your mind off a lot of things.

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