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Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell nearby Me 2021: Facebook Buying And Selling | Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell nearby Me 2021 is a feature on the most popular social media platform, Facebook. It is an online market as the name implies, where buying selling, and exploring several items near your vicinity and of course, abroad, is made possible. Facebook as a brand is already a well-known brand with billions of users all across the world which means that doing business on the Facebook Marketplace in the shape of buying items you need or selling items you do not need anymore, should come at ease.

Facebook Marketplace Buy Sell nearby Me 2021

Engaging in business such as selling of items you need no more on Facebook Marketplace is one of the most convenient ways you can possibly earn money off of things or items that you are tired of but still holds value. This is because of the already existing pool of users on the social media platform, these also include business groups on Facebook where you can still advertise the items you will like to sell.

The Facebook Marketplace hosts over 800 million people from all over the world monthly to buy, sell or explore items. Based on the social media platform commerce policies, Facebook approves listings (i.e. items to be sold), this means that literally, anyone can get to sell items on the Marketplace as long as you have a Facebook account. Below are the required information by Facebook for every listing;

  • Category
  • What you are selling
  • Description
  • Location
  • Price
  • At least 10 images of different angles of the items for sale.
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Once the above-required information has been provided to Facebook, you can now post the items you have up for sale as well as share the post to a targeted audience in Facebook groups, this is important to fetch more buyers. The Facebook marketplace makes use of Facebook Messenger as means of communication which helps to build a trustworthy working relationship between both parties involved.

How to Sell On Marketplace

As stated earlier in the article. All potential users of Facebook Marketplace must have a Facebook account either a personal or business account. To make a sale of any item. You need to be conversant with creating a listing. Using the Facebook Marketplace. The social media platform Facebook, automatically includes Marketplace as the audience for your listing or items you want to sell. So, below are the steps on how to sell on Marketplace;

  1. Login to facebook.com OR sign up if you don’t have an account
  2. Click on “Marketplace”
  3. Click on “Sell Something”
  4. Select product type.

When you have completed the aforementioned steps you will be prompted to create an actual listing of the product. This takes you to the required information needed by Facebook to approve your listing. Once this information is filled out adequately, click on “Next” and then “Post”. This way you have published your listing or items you want to sell to your targeted audience. However, getting more buyers requires you to go the extra mile of creating an advertisement in order to lure more users attention to your listing.

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