Google Digital Garage | Benefits and Usage

Google Digital Garage: Are you ready to learn something new? Well here is the thing, with the use of Google Digital Garage you are covered.

With this platform, you are able to access the free live training that is designed to help grow your business, or begin your career or even develop new skills all from the comfort of your home.

This Garage also brings a series of webinars that are free to attend and open to all, delivered by trainers that are experts and are ready to render support to your learning whatever be your goals.

So if you are looking for a new learning skill look no further as this Garage got your back. Visit the link here for more. https://events.withgoogle.com/digitalgaragewebinars/

Google Digital Garage

The Garage offers only online classes, but they are standard classes. This platform offers training in 40 different qualifications, with most of its reviewed qualifications being digital marketing.

The Garage makes learning easier and more flexible as you can learn at your own convenience. Google garage makes it easier for you to acquire new skills, develop your Curriculum Vitae, and even invent ways to expand and grow your business online.

The courses that are being created and offered by Google will help build and educate individuals on an understanding of the digital market. Visit the link here for more. https://www.indeed.com/certifications/companies/google-digital-garage-FTQZM7BZ


Below are some listed benefits of making use of the Digital Garage;

  • First off, you have more understanding of the different online opportunities that are opened to you
  • You have support and assistance that will guide you to plan and strategize your online business strategy
  • You also get to gain more insights into new developments in the digital ecosystem.

About Google Digital Garage

The Garage started in the year 2015, it is among the Grow with Google program that offers free training and tools to help enhance your business and career.

Since the Garage started it has reached over five hundred locations and is still expanding. It has also trained over 400, 000 people and still counting.

The certification program is free for all. The time range of completing this training ranges from five hours to 2 months depending on the qualification you applied for.

What are you waiting for apply now and get to expand your career or business? Visit the link here for more information. https://www.indeed.com/certifications/companies/google-digital-garage-FTQZM7BZ

Who is responsible for the training?

Once you are ready for the training one of the Google Digital Garage trainers will be assigned to you.

The trainers they have are well experienced and have knowledge in all-round of the key digital skills and will also be willing and happy to welcome any question from you, to help you with the right resources.

Google Digital Garage Login

  • First off sign in with Google
  • Then sign in with your email
  • Then you enter your name first, then the last name
  • Choose a password. For more inquiries to login visit the link here. https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalunlocked/sign-in

in a digital world, everything is taking a new turn daily, so if you do not invent new ideas to be able to keep up you will be left behind.

So its time to step up your game, with the use of the Digital Garage you can make all the adjustments needed. To get the courses in the Google Digital garage you can visit this link here. https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalunlocked/course/digital- marketing you can also get more information on the Goggle Digital Garage on https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/digitalgarage-ie/courses.

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