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How to Get your Windows 10 to work Faster – 10 Steps to Make your Windows 10 Run Smoothly

If you want the steps on how to get your windows 10 to work faster, well this article would prove to you that you do not need the help of an expert to do that. After this detail of this article is to show you how easy it is. Being with the knowledge of how to speed up your windows 10 would definitely come in handy in the future. Windows 10 may be one of the most efficiently-coded operating systems from Microsoft, but that does not mean that there would not come a time when it could be slow.

That is on top of the bloatware, temporary files, and the less powerful hardware that also help cause your computer to slow down. Even with Windows 10’s latest iteration coming built-in with extremely useful features in other to improve the overall efficiency, your computer would need quite a bit of help with time and consistent use. You would be needed to there for finding out how to speed up windows 10 in other to put your computer back in tip-top shape.

With that stated, you do not need to worry because of the steps on how to get your windows 10 to work faster when you are experiencing one of these slowdowns.

How to Get your Windows 10 to work Faster

Restart Your PC

While this might look like an obvious step, a lot of users keep their machines running for weeks at a time. windows 10 automatically put the display to sleep, but any processes that have started previously will continue. These can accumulate over time and would even slow down your PC. This issue can be fixed every day by shutting down your PC every day you are done using it. make sure all running programs are closed before you do so.


There is always new updates for Windows 10 which are designed to fix common bugs that reduce the system performance. Some of these are fairly minor whereas others make some significant changes to the system, and maximize the efficiency of the system. If the machine performance happens to be lagging, open the windows menu and enter ‘Update’ in the search bar and then click ‘check for updates’ in other to access the settings.

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Run Disk Cleanup

This is an extraordinarily built-in windows utility. You can make use of it if you want temporary files that accumulate to be cleared out of your machine, which includes image thumbnails, downloaded program files and offline webpages. Click on the windows menu, and enter ‘Disk cleanup” in the search bar to begin. You would be given the option to remove files. Just mark the check box right next to each of the options. Click on clean-up system files to begin. The Disk cleanup would calculate the amount of space you would save. This also happens to be a great opportunity to delete any files that are available on your hard drive which you would no longer need. One easy place to start up is your downloads folder.

Check Startup Apps

Your PCs can become bogged down by the sheer number of the processes that is running. This is often because a lot of installers would instruct windows to launch their apps immediately after you log in, and this might slow the system speed.

If you want to check the startup programs, open Task manage (Ctrl + Alt + Del), after that, click on the ‘Startup’ tab. Not that the ‘startup impact’ values for each of the programs e.g ‘High’ as this is happening to be a great way to spot apps that are likely meant to slow down the system of your PC.

Disable transparency effects

Besides making use of your system resources to display features like animation, windows 10 has also choose to employ the transparency effects for certain features that include the task menu. This seemingly light and simple effect is actually quite complicated to draw, as the system would require it to calculate the same plane twice.

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If you want to disable the transparency effects, first open the windows menu and then type ‘Make Start, taskbar and action center transparent’. This would bring out the color settings. At this point, you can choose to switch off transparency.

Remove Unused Software

A lot of PC vendors ship their machines with bundled third-party software, which is due to it large size and unnecessary nature is sometimes referred to as ‘Bloatware’. A lot of computer users install software for a particular purpose and never make use of it again e.g designing a newsletter. All redundant programs take up space on your hard drive and it can reduce performance. In other to check your installed apps go to your computer control panel.

Disable special effects

Windows 10 is accommodated with a lot of special effects side. Usually, by default windows and other features are expected to fade in and fade out of view. Other resources intensive but unnecessary features would include translucency and animations.

In other to take your PC back to the Basics, first of all, open your windows menu and then search for ‘system’ then go to the advanced settings tab and choose the performance settings. Beneath the ‘visual effects’ tab, click on the radio button for ‘custom’. At this point, you can choose to uncheck the tick boxes right next to any of the visual effects that you do not want running anymore.

Run System Maintenance

Windows 10 is accommodated with an in-built utility that performs routine system maintenance task which includes defragmenting the hard drive, checking for updates and checking for malware. This program runs in the background while your PC is idle, but if you have noticed an issue with the performance of the system, you can run the maintenance manually if you want to.

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Upgrade your RAM

You can hugely improve the overall speed of your PC by increasing the amount of virtual memory (RAM). Windows 10 requires at least 4GB to run very smoothly, although this does not take into account resource-hungry applications that include video games.

The best fix to this is to install More RAM. Your PC has a particular number of RAM ‘slots’ that you can insert chips. In other to determine the type of memory that your machine needs, first open the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), then click on ‘performance’. The system would display any memory slots available in use as well as the type used e.g DDR4.

Make Use of an SSD

SSDs (solid-state drives) makes use of flash memory, the same kind that is found in USB sticks. They allow for much faster access and writing times then traditional mechanical hard drives that make use of a magnetized disk. SSDs usually cost more per GB than the regular hard drives, but if you’re are willing to pay the cost, you would notice the massive improvement in boot time, file access times, and overall system responsiveness.

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