How to Prevent Your Facebook From Being Hacked

Want to learn how to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked? Most people on Facebook today have taken Facebook as part of their daily life activity. It’s a place where they can connect and communicate with their friends and family. Your Facebook account has been hacked is very humiliating and annoying if the hackers use your account for some destructive reason.

In this article, I will be showing you how you can prevent your Facebook from being hacked. If you notice or suspect an illegal thing on your Facebook page, know that your Facebook account has been hacked. And the first thing to do is to change your account password and your email address or mobile number of the account.

How to Prevent Your Facebook From Being Hacked

Knowing how to prevent your Facebook from being hacked is very important. Because we get really sad and stressed once we noticed that the account has been hacked. Hackers make use of different methods to get your profile and use it for fraudulent activities. Facebook hackers can also have their way to hack your account through an app. That is why it is advisable to disable an app that you don’t. Facebook has created more security procedures to help secure your account. The two-factor authentication allows you to place a proof lock on your account login page when you enable the authentication.

Once you enable this factor, you will always be notified with a text message (code) to your number when someone tries to log in to your Facebook account. This factor makes it impossible for anyone to break into your account with your notice unless the person has access to your phone physically. Be always cautious about the phone you used to log in to your device. Make sure to always log out of every other device and also check your active sessions. Always care about your account privacy, use a very strong password. Watch out for public Wi-Fi hotspots or if you wish to connect you can use a strong and secured VPN.

Facebook Password Change – How to Change your Facebook password

The first step to take to prevent your Facebook from being hacked is changing your Facebook password to a strong and hard to guess password. Follow below to change the password;

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Go to your settings, and click on Security and Login.
  • Navigate to Login section and tap on “Change password”.
  • Type in your current password, the new and then re-type the new.
  • Hit on “Save changes”.

Once the password is changed, navigate back to where you’re logged in and click on log out of all sessions tab to log out of every other device you in.

How to Hide Your Email Address

You can hide your Facebook account email address to prevent others from seeing it. Follow the steps below;

  • Open your Facebook page and go to your about page.
  • Then click on Contact and basic info.
  • Scroll to the email address section and tap on the edit tab.
  • Set your audience to “Only me” and click on Hidden from the timeline.
  • Tap on “Save changes”.

Your Facebook account email address will be hidden from the public.

Activating Two Factor Authentication

Activating the two-factor authentication is very good because it helps to secure your Facebook account. Follow the instruction below;

  • Launch your Facebook page and go to your Account Settings.
  • Then click on “Security and login”.
  • Navigate down and tap on “Edit” on the “Use two-factor authentication” option.
  • Hit on “Get started” from the new page loaded.
  • Click on “Use number”; enter the code that will be sent to your mobile to turn on.
  • Tap “ON” and the finish.
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If you have followed the steps above and read this article properly, then you can use your have no fear because you have successfully done all that is required to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked.

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