Nokia (NOK) is already working on the 4th industrial revolution

Shares of Nokia (NOK) is up today, through deep research 6G is already becoming a big thing, some analysts even think that 6G could be a 5G killer.

The focus of the network is evolving with each generation of networking technologies. The 2G and 3G era is based on speech and text for human-to-human contact. The 4G era revealed a big change to mobile and massive data usage. In the 5G era, the focus is on machines that use the Internet of Things as a power network and industrial automation system.

6G pioneers the next fundamental shift in communications

In the coming decade, when 6G evolves, another paradigm will take place – this time with individuals using these networks. In the 6G era the interactive, physical, and biological realms will collide with human beings.

6G developments are going to pave the way for new, physical, and virtual environments. These virtual worlds are easy to communicate with and control. In addition, it will tear down the boundaries between the digital and the tangible, and create a world of hybrid reality.

This technology will also enable augmented humans, unprecedented performance and reliability, and autonomous digital assistance.

Technologies that will play a vital part in the new 6G paradigm

These technologies will play a vitally critical role in the new 6G paradigm, these technologies will bring forth what many are calling the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • AI/ML Air Interface
  • New spectrum technologies
  • Network as a sensor
  • New network architecture
  • Extreme connectivity
  • Security and trust

This can certainly be achievable by Nokia’s Bell Labs acquisition, I predict the price of Nokia to rise to $20+ approaching 2023.

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