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TransferWise App – Sending money abroad can be a pain because of all the fees and rates attached to money transfer companies. But with the transfer wise mobile app, sending money abroad is as easy as ABC, and the app offers low-cost money transfers.

When you read further, you’ll get to know about the TransferWise app, its benefits, and how to download the transfer wise mobile app to your smartphone or iOS device.

Indeed, they all provide ultimate services than any other money transfer service provider.

Transfer wise is a peer-to-peer money transfer service, it offers a variety of products and services resulting in over £5 billion being moved around every month. Use of the transfer wise all is so easy that no special skills are required. All you need is an account that can be set for free in just a few seconds.

This simple mobile money transfer app can be accessed either from an Android smartphone or an Apple iOS device and you can easily download them. Both the Android and the iOS app allows you to transfer and send money abroad to your friends, families, and even your business partners.

Benefits of The TransferWise App

Surprisingly, the transfer wise all service comes with a lot of mouthwatering benefits, which includes;

  • Pay bills in other countries.
  • Manages your money in 28 currencies.
  • Send money to a friend.
  • Send money to family members abroad.
  • Pay off your mortgage or loan abroad.
  • Get paid in multiple currencies without any fees.

What Can I Do with The TransferWise App?

With the transfer wise app, you can do the following;

  • Invite friends to transfer wise network.
  • Set up new transfers with previously used details and recipients.
  • Pay via Apple pay (for iOS users) and Google pay (for Android users).
  • Set up amount lock transfers on available currency routes.
  • Send verification documents.

The transfer wise app is available for iPhones, iPad, and Android phone users. Furthermore, with the transfer wise mobile app, you can send money abroad from anywhere you are provided there’s an internet connection. You can also check the status of your money transfer and cancel the transfer anytime you like.

The most important part of the transfer wise app is that the app works faster and money are transferred to recipients within your working days. With the TransferWise app, all of your transfers will be at your fingertips.

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